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We've provided this page for you to access important resources and links that we use ourselves.
If you would like us to add additional links, please send us an email or contact LWD at our main headquarters in Irwindale, California.

  Federal & Transportation
  DATIA Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association
  FMCSA FMCSA - Home Page
  Rules & Regulations FMCSA - All Rules & Regulations
  Part 49 Code of Regulations Regulatory Guidance for FMCSR's
  FMCSA News Releases FMCSA News Releases
  DOT DOT - Home Page
  D&A Compliance DOT - Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance
  DOT Docket Search DOT - Docket Management System
  49 CFR Part 40 DOT - Part 40 Rules and Regulations
  DOT News Releases DOT News Releases
  California DOT CA Dept. of Transportation
  California CSAT Policy CA Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Policy
  California MCP CA Active Motor Carrier Permit List
  California Veh. Code 34520 CA Vehicle Code for Intrastate and Interstate Federal Req's
  U.S. Dept. of Labor U.S. Department of Labor
  NIDA National Institute On Drug Abuse
  FAA Federal Aviation Administration
  Web Tools  
MapQuest - Mapping Software
Yahoo - Web Search Engine
Google - Web Search Engine
Fedex/Kinkos - Shipping, Faxing, Copying, Supplies, Store Locator
UPS - Shipping, Faxing, Copying, Supplies, Store Locator
Adobe - Get Acrobat Reader for PDF documents