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All employers (motor carriers) with less than fifty (50) commercial drivers are required to comply with D.O.T. Alcohol and Drug Testing of their drivers per D.O.T. 49 CFR Part 382 Regulations, effective March 20 2001. The LWD Employer Consortium is comprised of motor carriers with less than fifty commercial drivers in their employ that will act as a single unit to facilitate and mutually benefit all participants economically by combining all of the mandated driver testing requirements of the regulation. Failure to comply with the D.O.T. Alcohol and Drug Testing Regulations carry heavy fines and sanctions for an employer. If you are an employer that fits this criteria, you are required to comply.  
Employers joining the Consortium will be entitled to the following services:

    1. Company Random Selection Program: Employer may join as an Independent with their own driver pool, or join as a Consortium participant where one driver pool is established and comprised of all drivers from participating employers. Drivers are randomly picked and tested on a quarterly basis until the required annual testing percentages are met.

    2. Drug and Alcohol Testing Services: Random testing for alcohol and/or drugs is the primary service provided for employers; however, we will also perform pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return-to-work, and follow-up testing as a separate service.

    3. Model Company Written Program pertain to Alcohol and Drug Testing (meets D.O.T. requirements) and a supply of company required D.O.T. forms.

    4. Compliance and notification of required reports to the CHP under the California Vehicle Codes Sec. 2. Section 34501 and Sec. 3. Section 34520. This meets your CHP BIT Inspection Requirements for complying with the D.O.T. Alcohol and Drug Testing Requirements.

    5. Assistance with preparation of annual reports required by the D.O.T./F.H.W.A. management Information System (MIS). Follow-up consultation services if you company is audited by the D.O.T. office.

    6. Enrollment Certificate indicating your participation in a D.O.T. compliant Random Drug and Alcohol Program.

    7. A laboratory certified by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (as required by the D.O.T. Regulations).

    8. A Medical Review Officer (as required by the D.O.T. Regulations).

    9. Employer On-Site Testing Service or conveniently located collection/testing facilities.

    10. Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Referral Service for company employees needing assistance with alcohol or drug related problems.

  Consortium will perform those tasks and services outlined above pertaining to the D.O.T. Alcohol and Drug Testing. In addition, the Consortium will only act as the employer's agent. Each participation employer shall have the ultimate responsibility for compliance with all areas of the regulations, including payment of fines.